Danish Brewery Coasters Catalogue

Steen Borup-Nielsen

Danish Brewery Coasters


Over the years Denmark has seen hundreds of breweries; however, only about 65 of them are known to have issued mats or coasters ranging from 1 or 2 coasters per brewery to thousands of coasters issued by Carlsberg and Tuborg.


The purpose of his website is to record those coasters that are known to me but my hope is that the website will encourage collectors to inform me of such coasters that they find missing from the catalogue.


The catalogue is divided into groups of breweries such as current micro breweries, obsolete breweries, and medium size breweries still operating in Denmark. The last ones of these are under the process of being scanned which leaves the large breweries Carlsberg and Tuborg still to be scanned. The author is not looking forward to this job since we are talking 2 – 4 thousand coasters; these breweries constitute another problem: they issue numerous coasters abroad that never find their way to Denmark. Hopefully this website will help fill in these lacunas.


Faroe Islands and Greenland breweries have also issued coasters that are displayed here



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